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Anguilla Activities

Make Memories In Anguilla That Will Last A Lifetime!

Water sports, dining, and cultural entertainment are just a few of the unforgettable Anguilla activities available to Fountain guests! Guests of Fountain Anguilla can experience:

  • The Old Valley for Anguilla’s architectural yesteryear
  • Crocus Bay for island military history
  • Heritage Museum for unique island history highlights
  • Island Harbour fishing town
  • Indigenous Ceremonial Site- Anguilla Archaeological & Historical Society
  • Wallblake House- Anguilla’s only standing plantation house
  • Local Festivals- Moon Splash


Activities & Attractions On Anguilla

On Anguilla, you’ll encounter everything from stunningly picturesque beaches and crystalline waves to colorful towns and historic places. Where your day takes you will depend on what calls out to you; here are our recommendations for things to do in Anguilla to get you started!

First and foremost, the beaches of Anguilla are lovely places to while away the hours, basking in the warm sunshine. Check out the beaches at Rendezvous Bay, Crocus Bay, Meads Bay, Maundays Bay, and Shoal Bay to start.

On the beach, local rental and charter companies like Anguilla Water Sports can provide the thrills you’re looking for. Charter a boat for a sunset cruise or a fishing expedition. Go snorkeling or scuba diving through Anguilla’s ethereal underwater habitats. Explore the sea caves along the island’s coast in a kayak or stand up paddleboard. Feel the exhilaration that comes with kite surfing. Or simply swim in the calm waters of the Caribbean and soak up your surroundings.

Close by, there are attractions located right on the water. The Aqua Park is an incredible and invigorating floating obstacle course where you can challenge yourself. It’s the only one of its kind in the Caribbean! Or, if you’d rather play with dolphins than on obstacle courses (or are looking for a more leisurely follow up activity), Dolphin Discovery Anguilla is a fantastic place to visit.

Also offshore are a handful of small, mostly uninhabited islands known as cays. Islands such as Shrub Island and Dog Island are great for hiking and give you that feeling of utter seclusion, while other cays (including Scilly Cay, Sandy Island, and Prickly Pear Cay) are each home to their own restaurant. Hitch a ride on a water taxi and you’ll be treated to a decadent feast of Anguillan lobster and heavy-handed rum punch!

Back on the island, you’ll find everything from a hopping tourist scene and an artistic hub to historical landmarks. History buffs should start with sites like the Old Factory, the Heritage Collection Museum, the Warden’s Place, and the Wallblake House. Then, take a trip to Fountain Cavern National Park to see the petroglyphs and enormous stalagmite statue left behind by Anguilla’s ancient inhabitants! After you’ve soaked up the Anguilla of old, immerse yourself in the cultural center of the island in the Valley, perusing the art galleries, or head to Sandy Ground for drinks, dining, and dancing.



The wonders of Anguilla await you, from pristine beaches and exciting water sports to fascinating historic landmarks and a lovely, laidback tropical ambiance.

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