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 While droves of tourists are drawn to the Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos, the island of Anguilla draws others for its sense of quiet and privacy. Anguilla’s peace is thanks in part to the stability as a historic British territory and its distance, and therefore extra travel time, from other Caribbean islands. Anguilla preserves an idyllic vision of Caribbean life with casinos and cruise ships replaced by private homes, quaint apartments and lovely Anguilla vacation rentals. 


– A Wide Selection of Anguilla Vacation Rentals –

The island’s rental market is diverse, with hundreds of options for where to stay in Anguilla. You can find every kind of rental on the island, from $150 per night studios to $6,000 per night castles. Thanks to the island’s high beach density, most Anguilla rentals offer direct access to the island’s famous white sand beaches. Most homes and villas have their own tropical pools. 

Studios generally cost between $95 and $350. One-bedroom rentals generally cost $500 for a smaller condo to $550 for a spacious one-bedroom villa. Three and four bedrooms cost as low as $290 to as high as $1,000 per night. 

Prices are highest in December, when many tourists travel to the island for the Christmas holiday. 

Villas are the most expensive option of where to stay in Anguilla, with the most luxurious costing up to $9,000 per night. However, they offer the most bang for your buck in terms of price per square foot. If you’re prepared to splurge, some villas even offer an in-house gourmet chef, spa or room service. However, few run less than $900 per night. 

– Affordable Stays at Fountain Anguilla –

Anguilla’s most popular beach, Shoal Bay, on the northeastern part of the island, offers several rental options, including the Fountain Anguilla.

The Fountain is a condo hotel with the privacy of a unique villa. Offering three unit sizes from a studio to a two-bedroom, the Fountain can satisfy any needs. There are staff on hand to offer food and activity recommendations, directions and give you everything you need to feel at home. If you’d like to just lounge on the beach, a must during your Anguilla stay, the Fountain Anguilla offers complimentary beach chairs on Shoal Bay. 

Fountain Anguilla is a steal compared to prices in the region. During the off season, prices at Fountain Anguilla range from $150 per night studios to $275 per night two-bedrooms.

Even during peak seasons and holidays, when prices at Fountain Anguilla range from $450 for a studio to $865 for a two-bedroom penthouse, the average hotel is estimated to cost more than $800 a night.


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