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Caribbean Journeys to Anguilla

Fun Things To See & Do On Anguilla

Home to a myriad of sightseeing and recreation, Anguilla is the perfect place to plan a fun and restful vacation in paradise.

Our calm, clear waters are ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, sailing, boating, and even kite surfing. Enlist the services of a local rental or charter company such as Anguilla Water Sports to help you get your beach day fun started!

Beaches in the area range from serene and secluded to lively and colorful. Popular sites like Shoal Bay, Maundays Bay, Meads Bay, Crocus Bay, and Rendezvous Bay are wonderful places to lay out on the sand and enjoy some time in the surf.

Beyond our beaches, however, are a variety of incredible attractions worth visiting. Dolphin Discovery Anguilla gives you and your guests the extraordinary chance to swim and play with real dolphins in the Caribbean, while the Aqua Park has high adrenaline obstacle course thrills right on the water—the only floating obstacle course in all of the Caribbean!

Out on the water past the shore, Anguilla is surrounded by small islands, also known as cays. These islands are largely uninhabited, such as Shrub Island and Dog Island (which are still cool to visit for their beautiful yet desolate ambiance, giving you the sensation of having a secluded island all to yourself). However, several of the islands are home to their own restaurant, including Scilly Cay, Sandy Island, and Prickly Pear Cay. Catch a ride on a water taxi, then enjoy a succulent feast of Anguillan lobster and strong rum punch!

On land, you can experience both the Anguilla of old and contemporary Anguilla.

Historic sites like the Wallblake House, the Warden’s Place, and the Old Factory paint a picture of Anguilla as it was during the era of plantations. The Heritage Collection Museum sums up the Anguillan historical and cultural experience nicely, while the phenomenal Fountain Cavern National Park gives visitors a chance to see ancient petroglyphs and an impressive statue carved from a stalagmite, all left behind by Anguilla’s first inhabitants.

For a taste of Anguilla in the modern day, plan a trip to the Valley, Sandy Ground, or both. In the Valley are Anguilla’s finest art galleries and charming boutiques, as well as the political, cultural, and geographic center of the island. Sandy Ground has a more touristy vibe, but its laidback atmosphere, exquisite dining, and entertaining nightlife make it well worth the visit.


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