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Nature & Wildlife Journey to Anguilla

In a beautiful tropical paradise like Anguilla, you’re constantly immersed in the spectacle of nature. From tropical land animals of all kinds to incredible marine animals that make their home in the Caribbean reefs off shore, Anguilla boasts a variety of opportunities for wildlife watching and soaking up the ambiance of nature at its finest. For visitors who are interested in experiencing Anguilla wildlife and all the things to do in Anguilla through a nature lover’s lens, use the guide below to plan out your vacation itinerary.

Day 1: Keep An Eye Out For Goats!

  • Fun fact: Anguilla is known for its roaming goats and sheep (the two of which look remarkably similar). You’ll often see goats during your travels on the island, some of which are pets and livestock and some of which are wild. If you’re lucky, you may catch a local bathing their goat in a nearby pond.

Day 2: Bird Watching

  • Anguilla is a well known bird watching destination, home to over 150 different species of birds, including frigates, brown pelicans, snow egrets, black necked stilts, and Antillean crested hummingbirds. It is a major part of the Caribbean birding trail, with four of its cays (small islands) being designated Important Bird Areas by Birdlife International. Take a birding tour with Nature Explorers Anguilla. This place is definitely one of the best Anguilla tours!

Day 3: Snorkeling

  • Anguilla is famous for its exquisite snorkeling conditions, from clear, calm waters with warmer temperatures even in the winter to brightly colored reefs teeming with numerous species of tropical fish. Start by renting snorkeling gear or getting lessons from a local company, then head to popular snorkeling spots like Sandy Hill Bay, Meads Bay, Shoal Bay, Crocus Bay, Little Bay, and Junks Hole. Snorkeling is definitely one of the best things to do in Anguilla!

Day 4: Swim With Dolphins!

  • Dolphin Discovery Anguilla provides a once in a lifetime opportunity: meeting and playing with the friendly dolphins of the Caribbean! Learn about the dolphins while swimming alongside them at this incredible attraction and fully experience Anguilla wildlife!

Day 5: Scuba Diving

  • With the help of local companies like Scuba Shack, you can scuba dive and explore Anguilla’s famed protected marine parks. Totaling seven in number, you’ll find these marine parks located along Dog Island, Sandy Island, Little Bay, the Seal Island Reef System, Stoney Bay, the Shoal Bay-Island Harbour Reef System, and Prickly Pear Cay. Just remember: do not touch or take anything from these parks!

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