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Scrub Island Anguilla

Anguilla and its surrounding waters offer an abundance of island hopping opportunities. From hidden beaches to castaway island experiences, adventures are waiting to be seized. Scrub Island, off Anguilla’s northeastern tip, is an offshore destination for the intrepid explorer.

Explore on land & underwater

  • Scrub Island Anguilla occupies three square miles and is home to pristine white sand beaches that are likely even more secluded than any others you’ve experienced in Anguilla. With all of its natural beauty, it is also the site of a plane crash and several shipwrecks. Trekking across the island’s low-lying bushes will reveal remnants of the airplane still able to be discovered.
  • The waters surrounding Scrub Island are some of the deepest found around Anguilla, and they are fascinating to explore. Vertical sea cliffs rise from the water on the island’s north shore, revealing fascinating scenery and tantalizing underwater terrain waiting to be investigated for those willing to get wet. Sea caves and blow holes are nature’s playground surrounding Scrub Island, where you can explore the underwater world with the aid of a mask, fins, and knowledgeable guide.
  • White sand beaches along both the north and south shores of Scrub Island beckon those in search of serenity to spend a day picnicking, likely without another soul in site. The seclusion offered on Scrub Island are both its positive attribute and its downfall – your trip needs to be timed just right to ensure calm waters, otherwise it can be inaccessible.

Planning Your Excursion

  • Scrub Island Anguilla is located just off the northeastern tip of Anguilla. The only way to reach this small island is by boat. Fishermen in Island Harbour can take you right up to Scrub Island’s sandy shore, as there are no docks or piers on this undeveloped isle. Powerful wind and waves can at times make it impossible to land at Scrub Island, especially during winter months, so be sure to check with a knowledgeable guide before attempting the trip.

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