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Le Bon Pain

A trip to Anguilla is destined to be filled with dazzling views, sparkling water and sandy beaches. Where beauty, Zen and relaxation collide, Anguilla awaits visitors with pride. With so many memories waiting to be made, it’s important to consider the flavor that contributes to an amazing trip away as well. As you head towards your Anguilla holiday, a stop at Le Bon Pain is a must-do when you’re looking to add a little sweetness to so many scenic pleasures.

A Side Of Delicious

  • Located in the heart of Anguilla’s Island Harbour, Le Bon Pain is an authentic French bakery in the middle of this sunny, island paradise. When Le Bon Pain opens, visitors are drawn to its doors by the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, fluffy French pastries and decadent baked breads. Easy to access and easier to acquire, guests need only stop by the counter to place an order with a friendly attendant who will then serve you directly at your table. A comfortable atmosphere with a fresh, French vibe, Le Bon Pain leaves you feeling like you’ve stepped off the beach and into a Parisian café, if only for a moment.

Come For The Coffee, Stay For The Dessert

  • Le Bon Pain prides itself on quality and the results are evident in the coffee, pastries, sandwiches and fiercely loyal customers who return time after time to show their appreciation. When you stop by, you won’t want to miss out on a taste of freshly baked baguette. For those with a sweet tooth, a chocolate almond croissant will hit the spot. If you’re still craving more, a warm peach puff will take the term decadent to a whole new level. When you stop by during the lunch hour, peruse the selection of savory sandwiches and sit and eat or carry out an egg, ham and cheese creation at your convenience! If you’re feeling particularly Parisian, a slice of quiche is always called for at Le Bon Pain.

The French Touch

  • The authenticity of Le Bon Pain’s pastries is validated within the story of the owner and head baker himself. Originally from France, Monsieur Bernard made his way to Anguilla several years prior in search of a life that offered a slower pace. In the process, Le Bon Pain was born and as dedicated owner, Bernard takes pride in making sure his store continues to deliver top-notch French cuisine to visitors of Anguilla.

Le Bon Pain Anguilla

Anguilla is stunning and it’s no secret that Le Bon Pain is a flavorful addition that’s not to be missed. Contact us today to start planning your Anguilla getaway and we’ll be sure to include a stop at Le Bon Pain on your ocean-side itinerary!

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