Shoal Bay Villas

When you’re dreaming of palm trees and white sand beaches, there’s no place quite like Shoal Bay to capture your imagination. Gorgeous greenery against brilliant blues make up the landscape of Anguilla and Shoal Bay Villas holds a magical allure all its own. When you make your way towards Shoal Bay, renting a villa can take your trip to the next, luxurious level.
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A Bit of Home Beach-Side

When it’s time to get away, a villa is the answer to your travel needs. Intimate yet glamorous, a villa rental combines the best of home comfort with island hospitality. More private than a standard hotel, a villa allows you to kick back beach-side in true style. Many of our locations are modern designs that boast spacious living rooms, kitchens complete with all you need to cook up something fabulous, and linens, laundry and soaps at your disposal. Keeping in step with the island vibe, you’ll often find villas complete with a pool and gorgeous patio overlooking some truly spectacular Shoal Bay views.

So Very Villa

Many of our villas are associated with high-end resorts and as an added perk, guests are often invited to take advantage of resort extras as well! Depending on the location, these could include everything from a hot club breakfast to complimentary cocktails in the evening. Make sure to utilize the concierge services available when the resort-based expert is on hand!

Exploration and Unexpected Delights

While it’s not always easy to want to leave the luxury of a sun-soaked villa, there is much waiting to be done in Shoal Bay Villas and beyond! If you have the urge to take to the water, swing by Tradition Sailing Charters and choose from one of their many water-bound options. Whether its an excursion on a West Indian sloop, a sunset cruise or a private sightseeing tour, you’ll be amazed at how connected to the sea you can truly be. After all the sailing, a meal will be in order and Gwen’s Reggae Bar and Grill delivers the colorful atmosphere as well as the flavor. Be sure to swing by on a Sunday for a taste of brunch with a side of rum punch! If you’re craving some seclusion, hop a boat to Little Bay and enjoy an afternoon hidden from the rest of the world.

Shoal Bay Villas

With the warm waters of Shoal Bay gently rolling along white sand beaches as we speak, there’s never been a better time to take off towards your next sunny getaway. We’re here to make sure you have the time of your life, all while keeping comfortable in a luxurious villa overlooking all Anguilla has to offer. Contact us today to make the most of the surf, sand and sunny experience waiting for you!